Hello Internet. I consider this a page concise summary of who I consider myself to be. If you want to know more beyond this then I recommend you read my blog, and search for me online. My name is unique enough that if you search for 'Chris Salij', or my usual username 'chrissalij', its very likely to be me.

I'm a Software Engineer currently living in the San Francisco. All around nerd, tech enthusiast and autodidact. I'm an engineer at heart, I love getting stuck into a problem, reasoning out all its parts and finding a solution, regardless of the topic area.

In my spare time I try do things on my bucket list, read, create and learn new things. I generally spend my free time on side projects, playing gaming and beer. I'm also passionate about health and try to keep fit whether its hike, running or swimming. 

I maintain various social networking profiles but use them less and less. I occasionally update my blog, and mostly read reddit and TheOldReader

Hope that answers all your questions, if not just drop me a line. I'll get back to you when I can.